Cancelled Community Consultation

February 28, 2019

Steve Stretch

PO Box 1749

Halifax NS B3J 3A5

Dear Steve,

After attempting to reach you to confirm your availability for a community meeting on March 11, 2019 on January 6 and January 25 we are forced to cancel this consultation. As referenced in both my letters it was your suggestion that you would support a community meeting. Despite our best attempts to reach you by mail, by email and through the Clerks’ office we have received no response.

You requested we ask you formally to fund a community communication to ensure the greatest possible attendance. You did not respond.

The LWF Ratepayers Association provides recreation and community-based activities that enhance where we live.  Our primary partnerships support the Windsor Junction Community Centre (WJCC), the Lakeview Homeowners Association (LHA) and Keloose. There is also a history of supporting local seniors’ associations, groups that create opportunities for active living, sport and recreation, service organizations and community groups. Increasingly our relationships include opportunities to enhance accessibility for all in our communities.

Our February 4, 2019 contact with Financial Policy and Planning Office of Halifax indicated we could expect public consultation on any revised policy related to area rates in early in March 2019. Our meeting was intended to match that timeline. Based on Bruce Fisher’s commitment of a public consultation we will proceed with or without you as required by the process. Your absence in the process will be noted.


Marni Tuttle

President, LWFRA

Cc: Barb Wilson, Bruce Fisher, Halifax Clerks

LWFRA Request for public meeting

January 6, 2019

Dear Councillor Streatch,

I am writing to invite you to LWFRA Community Meeting that we are holding on 11th March 2019 tentatively scheduled for 7pm.  As you are aware we have an active community who are interested and concerned about the future funding for many programs in the local area as a result of the actions that you and HRM Council have taken over the past year.  You have made assurances to myself, the LWFRA Board and HRM Council that the local community will be engaged in the proposed changes so that the full impacts of decisions made by the council are transparent to the local community.  The community meeting should provide a good forum for you to engage a significant proportion of the local population and articulate the proposed changes and the impacts on community programming.

Your participation will be greatly valued by myself and the LWFRA Board as you will be able to clarify points of concern that have been raised in the past and hopefully provide answers to those organizations that are directly affected so that they are better positioned to plan for the future and continue to support the needs of the community.   

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.    

Yours sincerely,

Marni Tuttle

President – LWFRA


CC Halifax Clerk