Who We Are

Contact us:

Please email us at lwfrainfo@gmail.com

Correspondence can be sent to:

LWF Ratepayer Association
PO Box 2035
Fall River NS B0N 2T0

LWFRA is pleased to support recreational. opportunities and community based initiatives which benefits the residents within the LWF Rate-paying communities by promoting and active, healthy, involved community for all ages.

We are committed to abiding by the HRM Administrative Order for Area Rates as approved by HRM Council.

The Administrative Order for Community Area Rates can be found here: https://cdn.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/city-hall/regional-council/190730rc15112.pdf  

The Board:

The LWF Ratepayers Association (LWFRA) on a volunteer and non-profit basis, promotes projects which serve to improve the area of the association.

As per the bylaws, the following directors of the board were elected or renewed at the public meeting held May 30, 2023.

  • Jay Cameron (President)
  • Sameer Alarakhia (Vice-President
  • Sarah Brickell (Treasurer)
  • Elizabeth Booth (Secretary)
  • Paul Adlakha
  • Michelle Flanagan
  • Alan Joyce
  • Matthew Lovett
  • Anthony Taylor

Appointments were made as follows:

  • WJCC
    • Andrea Forrest
    • Marty MacFarlane
  • Lakeview
    • Jim Simon